Q: How long does it take to download a movie?

You must have DSL, Broadband, or better speed to even think about downloads. Download times depend on the size and speed your connection. Please make sure that you have the drive space to receive a movie. The files sizes range from 800mb to 1.4gb. Typical download time is several hours, but could be much quicker if you have a good internet connection. This will also depend on the demand on our servers. If you are experiencing long download times. HINT: Try downloading during non-peak hours when most people are sleeping.

Q: When I log into the link that was sent to me, I don't know how to get the download started.



please go the link that was sent to you with your confirmation:

If your link is giving you problems, you can see all the films to download here

Then you can simply find your Product Code (Example CP-63)
Click on your Product Code
enter your logon = (your email address)
enter password = (our server sent you a secure password)
click enter
place your mouse cursor over the words "part 1" or film title

right click your mouse
click "save target as"
select where to save the target film on your computer.

Select "save" and the file will begin download automatically from there.

Q: I received the following error message regarding PROXY SERVER ERROR:
"Login for download CGPKG-7 login problem: please, try again!
A: You could either be trying to download the film from another IP address that is different from the one you ordered with, OR you could be using a browser that has a mis configured proxy server. It is almost always a browser proxy setting setup issue, or you are trying to download from another computer IP address than the one you ordered with.
To check this and solve it, do the following.

For Mozilla Firefox
go to
connection settings
direct conection to internet

For Microsoft Internet Explorer
go to
internet options
click on "connections" tab
highlight your connection
click on "settings"
make sure all boxes are unchecked or "automatically detect settings.

That should work. If not, please email us for assistance after trying the above

PS If you are using Mozilla Firefox, Try Microsoft Internet Explorer... AND if you are using MS Internet Explorer, Try downloading and using Mozilla Firefox

Q: I ordered from you guys an hour ago, why don't I have my codes yet?
A: If you are a repeat customer, our server will recognize you and activate you right away. If you are a first time customer or, using a new ID for the first time, you may experience a delay of up to one hour for your credit card processing to be approved due to the fact that we process cards internationally, there is some delay involved to prevent fraud. Once you buy from us, the system will recognize your profile and approve you faster the next time.


Q: Where's my password? I havent received it.
A: Check your spam filter. After reading the above paragraph, if you have not received an email with your activation information, you should make sure that your computer is not spam blocking our activation emails. Go to your email scanning program and make sure that it will allow emails from
Q: My code does not work for my download, what do I do?
A: Our codes work 100% of the time. It is always human error. Our codes are computer generated by our server and sent to you automatically. REMEMBER, passwords are CASE SENSITIVE. The best way to make sure that you are doing it correctly is to try using the cut and paste feature on your mouse to insure proper password entry. Please make sure that you are typing your code EXACTLY as it is sent to you with no spaces. AOL users please try using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox go to Firefox's main page AOL browsers might give you trouble when downloading. If you still have trouble please email to
Q: I can get to the download screen, but then what do I do to get the movie onto my computer?
please go to
Then find your Product Code, (Example CP-43)
enter your logon = (your email address)
enter password = (our server sent you a secure password)
click enter
place your mouse cursor over the words "part 1"
right click your mouse
click "save target as"
select where to save target on your computer.
file will begin download automatically from there.


Q: I don't want people anybody to know that I was at this site. Do you guys share any information.
A: NEVER, we are 100% confidential. We retain only vital information for processing your order, and it is NEVER shared with ANYONE!
Q: Do you send flyers or any other unsolicited sales material to me in the mail after I have ordered from you?
A: When you agree to the terms on checkout, we will retain your email address to send you notices of sales promotions and new releases only. You are able to opt out of these emails if you wish. Q: Do you sell my e mail or address to other companies?
A: No selling your private e mail to ANYONE ELSE! EVER!!! Our own records are kept for internal business purposes only.
Q: I am afraid of online credit card fraud. How can I be sure that my private credit card information will not be misused?
A: In Austria we take very seriously the privacy of credit card information. All transactions are secure SSL and even WE CANNOT see your information. It is all stored securely on our server and nobody can access it, not even us.


Q: What Region code are the DVD's
A: All of our movies are produced and mastered 100% DIGITAL and are mastered in Multi Region code. Our DVDs can be played all over the world on any player that has NTSC capability. No PAL, sorry. Downloads are in MPG1 format and DVD's are digital.
Q: Do you have VHS?
A: No, Sorry
Q: How do I know if your DVD will play on my player?
A: There should be no compatibility problems. All our DVDs are "multi-region" coded, so they will be compatible in any region you may live! Most standalone DVD players, PC & Mac computer DVD drives will play our DVDs.
Q: Do you have free samples of DVD's to help me make up my mind on which video to buy?
A: No. But we provide detailed screenshots as well as written descriptions of each video. If you need more information before deciding on a film, please go to our Contact page and ask your question under the subject of FILM CONTENT.
Q: Are your DVD's legal? Is it legal for me to buy them and to watch them?
A: Our DVDs are purely voyeuristic in nature and depict no obscenities or sexual acts. If you have any concerns or doubts, please check your own countrys laws.
Q: What if I don't like the video I ordered? Can I return it?
A: Do not ship us a DVD for exchange ! Our shipping addresses are for outgoing orders only. All sales are final. We will however gladly RE-SHIP you a video if it was defective or damaged in the mail. We will only EXCHANGE a damaged or defective video for the SAME EXACT video. No refunds.


Q: How big are the download files ?
A: Please make sure that you have the drive space to receive a movie. The files sizes range from 800mb to 1.4gb. Q: What programs will play your downloaded files. Almost all media players will play our MPEG 1 format. Windows Media player is the most common, but there are dozens of MPEG Player software programs available on the internet.


Q: How long does it take until I get my stuff?
A: Delivery time is typically 5-10 days, not including holidays and weekends.
Q: Where do you ship from?
A: Our DVD's are sent from various undisclosed distribution locations, depending on where you are located. If you are in North America or Britain, or Austrailia, your order will likely be shipped from the West Coast area of the USA. If you are in Europe, your order may be shipped from our Vienna Distributor or, perhaps from our USA distributor. It will depend on volume and workload as to where exactly it will be shipped from.
Q: I don't want anyone to find out that I am ordering these videos. How do you package?
A: All orders are shipped discreetly in a hand addressed simple beige envelope size 6X9. The return address will show the package being from a Software Company, with no markings and regular postage stamps. The DVD's inside are labeled by product code, so even if somebody opens the package they will only see codes. EXAMPLE CP-43�, etc
Q: My package has not arrived yet. What can I do?
A: We typically ship very quickly after the order is paid. If you want to know more, please go to our CONTACT PAGE and send an email using the subject of SHIPPING QUESTIONS. Be sure to include your order number. Please take into consideration that holidays and weekends are NOT business days.
Q: Can you overnight express my delivery?
A: Sorry we no longer offer this feature.


Q: How do I order your DVDs?
A: Follow the links on the web site. We have Secure Credit card orders only via our SSL Link. Visa and Master Card only.
Q: I live in another country. How do I buy your DVD's when all your prices are in U.S. Dollars?
A: Your Visa Bank Card Merchant will convert the currency for you based on the prevailing currency exchange rate automatically. We display all prices in Dollars since they are accepted and understood interantionally.
Q: Do you guys control the Currency Exchange Rate? How do I know I am getting the best Exchange rate.
A: Your Bank Card Merchant, or YOUR issuing Bank is in charge of conversion, NOT US.
Q: If I order several DVDs, can I get a discount?
A: Look for occasional sales or email to for a private quote on orders of $300 (U.S. Dollar) or more.
Q: Can I order by telephone or by mail?
A: No, sorry. We only accept credit card orders ONLINE.
Q: What will appear on my billing or credit card statement if I order DVDs? I don't want anything showing that I bought adult DVDs !
A: Discreet billing name ABAD Billing. No language of any kind of pornographic names will show up on our credit card account, EVER.
Q: Can I order with my credit card but have you ship to another address (other than the address my credit card is registered to)?
A: YES, USUALLY. Please email us in the comment section when you check out.
Q: Can I mail a check or money order for your products?
A: Sorry, no checks or cash, only Secure VISA/ MASTERCARD


Q: How old are the models in your DVD's? I don't want to be buying kiddy porn or DVD's of underage girls.
A: All models are of legal age and have signed releases.
Q: I am interested in becoming a model or I know somebody who may want to make movies for you. How much do you pay?
A: We invite new talents all the time! Please e-mail for more information. We ask that models be limited to females ONLY. However, if you are male and wish to help recruit women for DVD's, please email us.
Q: How do women feel about making these kinds of DVD's? Do they feel weird or disgusted?
A: Most of the women who model for us feel quite amused that someone would actually pay money to watch them in the bathroom. This does not necessarily mean that they think our customers are strange or perverted, they just never expected this fetish to exist. They are usually eager to please!
Q: What do your models eat? I've never seen shits that big before!
A: All of our models eat regular diets consisting of an average amount of fiber. They enjoy pizza, sandwiches, junk food, etc. The bottom line is that have perfectly normal diets.

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